Friday, September 20, 2013

September 19, 2013: Subway Musician made of win

Date: September 19, 2013
Event: Subway Musician
Location: New York City, Union Square
Cost: FREE (well, except for the cost of one subway ride)
Summary: There are a lot of subway musicians, some better than others. This guy? Loved him.

So I was running just a minute or two (or three or so) behind schedule on my way to take the subway to Grand Central then an Express Bus to LaGuardia airport. But as soon as I swiped my metro card and maneuvered my carry-on suit case through the narrow turn-stiles of the MTA, I knew I had to pause and appreciate the site and sounds before me.

Setting up shop was a 'One Man Band', Jeffrey Masin, with sing-a-long tunes, completely genius/outrageous-contraption-of-musical-cacophony-producing-instruments, energy, joy, and little self-deprecating one liners like, "I'm Jeffrey Masin, One Man Band, otherwise known as 'A Whole Lotta Noise" and "If there are any musicians in the audience, I apologize."


I would have loved to stay for an entire set and even sing along with a few songs (I had to leave just as he was starting up a Beatles song, dang it!) But I had to mosey. Maybe next time.

Still, I wanted to thank him anyway for brightening up a few moments of my hectic day. :)

(click the read more for a couple more pictures)



Never stop amusing me, New York, please never stop. :)


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