Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 11, 2013: Tribute In Lights from the Brooklyn Bridge

Date: September 11, 2013
Event: Tribute In Lights from the Brooklyn Bridge
Location: New York City, lower Manhattan
Summary: Remembering

I wasn’t in New York on 9/11; I was still living in Seattle at the time. But since I moved here I make a point of memorializing this day in this city that I now call home. A trip to lower Manhattan to see the Tribute In Lights, a stop at Ground Zero to reflect upon the past and feel the push towards the future as the new tower stands at its full height and the rest of the buildings at Ground Zero continue to be built.

I wasn’t in New York last year so I wasn’t able to make my way south. But I did this year. I decided to view the Tribute In Lights (the twin lights that shine straight up from near Ground Zero) from the Brooklyn Bridge, something I hadn’t done before.

It was a hot and humid night but the breeze out near the center of the bridge was nice. And there were a lot of people out taking pictures and seeing the lights.

Overall it was a beautiful night to be out. More pictures on the “Read More” link below.


Walking to the bridge afforded a wonderful side by side view of the Tribute In Lights, the Woolworth Building, and the new One World Trade. Again, just beautiful.

Also, the sky was clear for the first part of the walk and the moon was shining low but bright.

Not to mention the absolutely stunning view of Midtown as seen from the center of the bridge.

But the main attraction was the lights. It was hard not to stop every five steps and take a picture.


Always Remember.

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