Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 27, 2015: Walkabout during the Travel Ban of NYC Blizzard 2015

What: Walkabout during the Travel Ban of NYC Blizzard 2015
Where: Manhattan, NY
Cost: FREE (except for some shivers and cold fingers)
Summary:  The snow didn't materialize as they had predicted, but the travel ban made the streets of Manhattan absolutely deserted!

I'm one of those crazy people that love the snow.  I couldn't WAIT for 20-30 inches of it!  Alas, NYC was spared, getting maybe 7 inches (?).  However, there was a Travel Ban in place (no cars allowed on the road and the subways weren't running), so the streets were just about as quiet as you'll ever seen NYC.  So, when my alarm went off at 5:30, I put on my long johns and an extra turtle neck, grabbed my camera, and hit the empty streets.

I meandered my way up the middle of 5th Ave, Broadway, and 6th Ave from 14th St through Madison Square Park, Harold Square, Times Square, then over to Rockefeller Center.  And yes, I literally walked up the middle of the Avenues.  How often does one get to do that?!?!  Fun!  I'll get some better pictures posted later, but below are the tweets I made along the way (including an expected appearance on the Today Show, LOL).











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