Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014: #StartWeekending Art Installation at Madison Square Park

A friend of mine, KayKay, who doesn’t even live in NY texted me telling me about this art installation in Madison Square Park… because she knows I adore cool little things in New York. And the text was enough to get me to grab my camera and walk up to the park. And I’m so glad I did!

Now, full disclosure: this art installation is/was sponsored by Visa, but that doesn’t make it less artistic or less meaningful. In this installation, a huge lined chalkboard was set up with the words, “I want to be…” written on it, and any and all passersby were invited to grab a piece of chalk and finish that sentence.

I actually grabbed a seat at a nearby table and just read the various responses and allowed myself to be alternately moved, amused, confused, in agreement, and generally entertained. Some people went deep. Some people went frivolous. Some people dreamed big. Some people dreamed small. But there was, I would say, a huge amount of just plain, honest, human truth on that board.

And yes, I added my own. :)



Kudos to everyone who went up and wrote on the board, knowing they were being watched. It’s not easy!



Some of my favorite entries in no particular order:

I Want To Be…

I actually love all of these – In Love, Not Poor, New Yorker, a Pixar animator.

“At a Hanson Concert” … really? Okay. Lol

“Cycling” (no, this one isn’t mine but I it could have been!)

“Napping” or “Famous” (note: I’d rather be the former than the latter)

“ME!” (Amen)


“Not single” (and the little stick figures with the heart, awww!)

“Happy” or … going to the moon / flying a drone to try to spot the Loch Ness monster, not sure which ;)

Loved the juxtaposition of being “present right now” and being “a dreamer” (and I loved how the ‘present right now’ was written straight and the ‘dreamer’ was all ‘your horizontal lines are not the boss of me!

“Britney in 2001” (again, lololol)

“Legal” … ...

“On the Starship Enterprise” (beam me up, Scotty!)


Thank you, Visa, for a thoughtful and fun piece of interactive art!

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