Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October 29, 2013: Elementary filming on the streets of New York

Date: October 29, 2013
Event: Elementary filming on the streets of New York
Location: Lower Manhattan, New York City
Summary: It's a Sherlock!!

Woo! I finally got to see one of my new favorite TV shows filming! And I saw my second Sherlock live this year (though both times it was from afar). Still, Elementary filming, woo!!

I was fortunate that I had a break in meetings mid-morning and was able to slip out into the streets of New York for a brief set visit (thanks to OLV for the location info!). I got there as they were putting on the final touches to the set and then as they started filming – with Sherlock and Watson and Det. Bell, woo! The viewing wasn’t great and because of lighting they soon moved a massive white screen in place which blocked the view completely. Still, I enjoyed the short amount of time there. I never tire of all the behind the scenes stuff or watching the actors work, I really don’t. :)

Below are a few pictures (both behind the scenes as well as of the actors).  Please do not take or repost without permission.

Ahhh, the No Parking Sign. That beautiful beacon that says “There Shalt Be Filming Here”

Here is the overall scene – the black tent was where all the monitors are so the producers/directors can see what the camera is seeing.

I will ALWAYS take a picture of one of the production chairs, lol.

This is one of the prop guys putting on these green globes to help make this building look like a police station.

Johnny Lee Miller waiting for filming to start. He looks in character already, lol.

So, I couldn’t hear any dialog in the scene, and could really only see that Sherlock, Watson, and Det. Bell walked out of the police station then talked to someone at a car.



Sadly, it came to an end all to soon with the arrival of The Big White Screen. lol

So, not the most exciting of pictures or scenes, but, still, I find visiting the set always exciting regardless. :)

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