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July 21, 2013: Accidental Set Stalking: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Date: July 21, 2013 
Event: Movie filming: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 
Location: Times Square (New York City) 
Cost: FREE 
Summary: I have no idea if any of the stars were on set. It didn't really matter, though, because all I know is I loved watching the extras throw themselves to the ground over and over.

After watching Body Painting (see previous post), I was walking home talking to my mom about it and I literally stumbled upon this movie set. I mean *literally* stumbled upon it:  I about tripped over one of their wires as I was directed by an assistant to please stay on the other side of the island. I guess I should pay attention to what I'm doing.

And what I was doing was, apparently, watching / walking through an active movie set. When asked "what are you filming?" the answer was always, "4 Square". However, I have reason to believe those answers were little fibs (or at least a code).

In any case, I got there just as they were filming what appeared to be a major disaster / explosion / crash / building collapse. While there were not *actual* explosions, there was (fake) wreckage everywhere, (fake) cops everywhere, a (fake) firetruck and crew, and extras were throwing themselves on the ground and pretending to only painfully pull themselves up. In short, it was awesome!!

I love love love seeing all the behind the scenes stuff so this was just awesome. They'd yell "Rolling!" and the people would all look up and point and then the director would do this countdown, "3-2-1... IMPACT!" and on "Impact!" everyone would run or throw themselves to the ground and cameras would close up on them on the pavement or film them running by. It was controlled chaos. And I'm just standing there 'snap, snap, snap' with my camera, lol. As I said, it was awesome.

So, why did I think the PAs were telling little fibs? Well, because (as you will come to know if you follow this blog or if you followed my previous one), I love taking pictures of the slate (which I call the 'clacker') and I love taking pictures of the production's chairs. And these did *not* say "4 Square" They said... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Hey, I've heard of them! lol

TMNT Clacker

TMNT Chair

Moving on. Here are some examples of the 'wreckage' that was around. Much of this was off camera, but I'm sure it was used earlier or was used after I left. It begs the question, though...what is this stuff? Where did it come from? Did someone make it or did the production company just go to the dump and pull it out? Inquiring minds.




Here is the first group of extras who threw themselves to the ground. The first time I saw it I almost gasped; it really was unexpected. I mean they were just standing there looking up, then "IMPACT!" and they hit the deck! And slowly pulled themselves up.

Standing there looking up...
Looking up

Hit the deck!
Hit the deck

Pulling themselves up...
Ouch that hurt

These guys were even better! I mean they just THREW themselves away from the 'impact/explosion/whatever it was'. Loved them. And how did they not get totally scraped up on that pavement?! (or maybe they did).

Thrown to the ground

They're down!
Down and out

lol, love this shot. These extras are still sprawled over the pavement, though sitting up, still recovering between takes, and everyone else is la la la, no biggie, just a disaster movie.
It's a Diaster movie!

In the end, yes, I love watching big Hollywood productions being made as much as I love nude body painting and I especially love that I can do it all within a single afternoon in NYC. :)

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