Friday, May 24, 2013

May 23, 2013: Rain Storm in Union Square

Date:  May 23, 2013
Event:  And Then This Happened:  Rain Storm in Union Square
Cost:  FREE (and included a pair of soaking wet socks!)
Summary:  When life hands you a massive passing rain storm, take pictures.

I had an umbrella at work.  I try to keep one there in case it, you know, rains.  And while it was threatening when I left the office, no one outside was carrying one so I decided I could go without.  And I made it from the office to Grand Central just fine.  It was when I got to Union Square that I found I'd perhaps made the wrong decision.

Though, with how hard it was coming down, I'm not sure an umbrella would have made much difference.

I mean, it. was. POURING.  The stairs to get out of the subway was backed up.  Someone near the bottom of the stairs (near me) literally bellowed, "Don't block the stairs!"  People dutifully parted.  And he climbed the stairs.  Only to stop short right at the top and do exactly what he'd yelled at people not to: block the stairs.  But when I peeked around him I saw way.

Buckets.  BUCKETS of water.  There was nothing to do but wait it out.  Fortunately, Union Square has these nice covered subway entrances.  So I squeezed in with the homeless that hang out in Union Square, the tourists that got caught in the downpour, some of the artists that usually sell their ware there, and the commuters/locals like myself.  A true mix of New York.

And then I pulled out my camera.

Because, it was really quite a site.  And beautiful, in many ways.  The 15 minutes I spent there I've taken some of my favorite pictures I've taken in a long time.

I don't usually like getting caught in a down pour.  I mean, who does?  But yesterday...yesterday I was actually okay with it.

A sampling of those of us waiting under the awning


A river under my feet.

River Under My Feet

A couple of shots of just the rain coming down over Union Square.


Union Square West

And a couple of shots (my favs of the day) of people who decided the crowded awning wasn't for them.



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